Introduction of the Ministry

The Ministry of Finance is the government’s expert in the implementation of tax, financial and fiscal policies, and setting economic goals.

Areas of activity of ministry:

  • planning and implementation of the state’s fiscal policy;
  • planning tax and customs policy, and maintaining a stable tax system;
  • economic analysis and economic forecast;
  • development of the public service;
  • reviewing applications for permits for aid granted by the state to business (state aid) and advising aid donors;
  • advising suppliers and tenderers on carrying out public procurements and supervising public procurements;
  • collection of national statistics;
  • organising and coordinating the implementation of the government’s internal control system and the professional activities of internal auditors;
  • state accountancy;
  • allocating the state’s financial assets and liabilities, foreign aid and loans granted to the state;
  • coordinating the aid available to Estonia;
  • financial and insurance policy;
  • planning and coordinating the state’s real estate and participation policy.

Last updated: 11.05.2020