International cooperation

In the youth field Education and Youth Board is cooperating with different organisations. We are part of pan-European youth information, Eurodesk and Youth Wiki network.

ERYICA is a pan-European independent umbrella organization that brings together youth information networks, centers, and institutions. The aim is to develop, support, and empower youth information services and youth information workers, thus supporting the availability of information for young people across Europe. Youth information services follow the principles of the European Youth Information Charter. The network includes almost 40 organizations. 

Estonia has been a member of the network since 2004 and is represented by the Youth Department of the Education and Youth Board. The role of the representative is to actively participate in the network's activities, projects, and meetings, disseminate and translate the materials developed, and support the awareness of people working with young people about the development of the youth information service. Since 2019, Estonia has been a member of the board of ERYICA, represented by Kadri Koort.

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International youth information Eurodesk

Eurodesk disseminates information on pan-European opportunities, including Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps, to both young people and youth workers. Eurodesk is represented in 36 European countries, and the network has more than 1,200 members; and in Estonia, the Eurodesk Estonia network is coordinated by the Youth Programs Center of the Education and Youth Board.

Eurodesk Estonia network covers almost entire Estonia, and a Eurodesk partner operates in each county, providing international youth information, sharing it at education and career fairs, advising young people and professionals working with young people on international issues, etc. The work of Eurodesk follows the principles of the European Youth Information Charter.

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Youth Wiki

The Youth Wiki is an online platform that brings together information and data on youth policy in European countries. The main objective of the platform is to support evidence-based cooperation in the youth field through the provision of information, which in turn supports the development of youth policy. The overall aim of the Youth Wiki project is to help the European Commission and the Member States in their decision-making processes. The Youth Wiki network also allows for the exchange of experiences, including innovative approaches, between countries. Currently, 32 countries participate in the Youth Wiki network.

The content of the Youth Wiki comes from the policy priorities of the European Commission and the Member States, and more specifically, it supports the areas of activity of the European Union's Youth Strategy. The information is updated annually through national correspondents appointed by the national institutions. The main information comes from official documents in the field of youth, surveys, questionnaires, analyzes, and other sources.

The Youth Wiki platform provides information in English on ten topics related to youth:

  1. organization of youth policy;      
  2. volunteering;
  3. employment and entrepreneurship;
  4. social inclusion;
  5. participation;
  6. education and training;
  7. health and well-being;
  8. creativity and culture;
  9. young people and the world;
  10. youth work.

In addition to the chapters, the Youth Wiki platform also provides comparative overviews, including maps, that could help with decision-making.

Estonia has participated in the project since 2015 when the European Commission first launched it. The national correspondent is the Education and Youth Board appointed by the Ministry of Education and Research.

Additional information:

Birgit Villum
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The project is funded by Erasmus+.

Last updated: 29.10.2021