Estonia supports Georgia in developing national curriculum for upper secondary education

05.07.2021 | 16:10

The first cycle of the cooperation Project between Estonia and Georgia has concluded which aims to develop national curriculum for upper secondary education based on best practices of Estonia’s and other countries.
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Project started in June 2020 and so far, standards for subjects and courses, and policy document for the development of upper secondary education has been developed. The latter also states the aim of the upper secondary education in collaboration with training courses and competitiveness at the labour market.

This July, next cycle started which aims to develop methodological materials for implementing the national curriculum together with evaluation guides. The second cycle will last until the end of 2021.

Current project is a follow-up for cooperation between Estonia and Georgia which started in 2014. To date, national curriculums for primary and basic education have been developed. Additionally, teacher training curriculums have been developed for nine Georgian universities.

Project „ Promoting quality education for all children through improving the national curriculum for grades 11-12 in Georgia “ is led by the Estonian Education and Youth Board and Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Georgia. Project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia through UNICEF Georgia.

Sten Otsmaa

Communications Advisor