Estonian Education and Youth Board will help the European Commission to promote Europe as a study destination

15.06.2021 | 08:19

The Estonian Education and Youth Board and its partners won the European Higher Education Area Marketing procurement that was announced by the European Commission. The national higher education promotion initiative "Study in Estonia" teamed up with Higher Education national promotion agencies from Germany, France and the Netherlands, as well as the pan-European think tank ACA. The cost of the "Study in Europe" project is €3,5 million.
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The Estonian Education and Youth Board won the public tender from the European Commission to implement the project "Enhancing the attractiveness of European Higher Education in the world (Study in Europe)". The consortium including the German DAAD, the Dutch Nuffic, the Estonian Education and Youth Board and the Academic Cooperation Association based in Brussels, was put in charge by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (DG EAC).

The consortium as the selected partner will provide a range of professional services and expertise that together will contribute to raising the visibility and attractiveness of European higher education outside Europe. Services and expertise will provide content for the Study in Europe communication tools and marketing channels and organise activities, like series of globaal European Higher Education Fairs and peer learning activities for national promotion agencies.

This means that "Study in Estonia" will help to innovate the concept that introduces learning opportunities in Europe, the grants offered by the EU and shows the area as the world’s most attractive learning place.

Building on the successful first two stages of the Study in Europe project, "Study in Estonia" is now involved in the third stage of the Study in Europe initiative (2020-2023) – the promotion campaign of Europe as a study destination, funded by DG EAC.  The initiative is also supported by all the other higher education promotion agencies in the Erasmus+ programme countries.

„For Estonia it is a great chance to continue working with the most experienced higher education marketing countries. Germany, France and the Netherlands have been attracting young talents and the brightest minds to study in Europe for more than 100 years,” said Eero Loonurm, the Head of Study in Estonia. “As internationalization in Estonia during the last two decades in the fields of higher education and research has been successful, therefore we are glad to give our contribution to the European initiative”.

In the short run, the beneficiaries of the Study in Europe project would be all universities in Europe, but in the long run also the European research centres, employers and governments.

„Study in Europe“ aims to help students worldwide find higher education study, scholarship and research opportunities in Europe. Besides that, the consortium is going to deliver a series of 12 branded events (virtual events and higher education fairs) in strategically important areas all over the world, train higher education experts and renew the Study in Europe brand.

The objective of the "Study in Europe" initiative planned for three years is to enhance the visibility of Europe as study destination for students from non-European countries. Activities include the organisation of a series of European fairs in different non-European countries (physical and virtual fairs in Africa, Asia and South America and globally), an integrated communication campaign, including in social networks, the management of an information portal "Study in Europe" and the organisation of webinars dedicated to agencies for the promotion of academic mobility and European higher education and research institutions.

The project is part of a broader initiative from the European Commission to enhance the internationalisation of European higher education.

More information can be found on European Commission – Study in Europe's page:

Sten Otsmaa

Communications Advisor