Study in Estonia holds a seminar on supporting foreign students on becoming entrepreneurs

19.08.2021 | 14:21

Study in Estonia is holding a seminar on 27th August at sTARTUp Day where panelist discuss supporting foreign students on becoming entrepreneurs.
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“The more than 5000 international students in Estonia every year are not only a great potential for employers, but also as entrepreneurs, creators and leaders,” said Eero Loonurm, the Head of Study in Estonia. “We are discussing how to support international students’ talent that not only helps to find a job, but also find means how to support their path towards staring a company that by the end of a day enables to use their full potential and resources in supporting well-being in Estonia,” he added.

The seminar “Starting up: creating a future for internationals in Estonia” takes place at 4PM on 27th August. The speakers include Eero Loonurm from Study in Estonia, Annika Järs from StartUp Estonia, Maret Ahonen from the University of Tartu and sTARTUp Day and Olga Vovk from CyberWiseSpace.

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Sten Otsmaa

Communications Advisor