Ulla Ilisson: Behind the success of Estonian education is systematic work

23.04.2021 | 17:44

“Estonia has gained an edge over other countries due to cooperation and the fact that we have approached educational innovation systematically and invested in both technology and people,“ said Ulla Ilisson, Director General of the Education and Youth Board at an international education meeting “What the UK can learn from International Education?“ held yesterday.
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Ilisson explained that technology is a common part of teaching process in Estonia, and even long before switching to compulsory distance learning, communication between the school, parents and students was organised through school management platforms E-kool and Stuudium, which has been of a great help in difficult times. "In parallel to developing infrastructure, we must also invest more in training people. Technology alone is not sufficient as we wish to keep on moving further," she emphasized.

A virtual meeting was held yesterday where global education experts discussed future trends in education, opportunities for the usage of technology and bottlenecks from which the UK education system could learn. The EDUCATE program meeting brought together leading figures in education. The panel on educational technology was attended by representatives from the United Kingdom, Brazil, Thailand, Australia, Germany, Portugal, the United States, Zambia as well as Uruguay. Estonia was represented by Ulla Ilisson, Director General of the Education and Youth Board.

The representatives of the countries discussed how the use of technology could benefit the educational system, the contribution of the countries to the inclusion of technology and the role of EdTechs as well as what funding model is used. Good examples and lessons learned were also introduced that have enabled schools, families and companies to connect and facilitate communication with each other. The discussion looked at how to measure the success of education and the impact of technology on the daily lives of teachers and students.

The panel was attended by:
Lord Jim Knight (chair), Chief Education Advisor, TES Global (UK), Ricardo Prado Schneider, partner and Chief Scientific Officer, Square Learning Technologies (Brazil), James Dalziel, Head of School, NIST International School (Thailand), Ulla Ilison, Director General, Education & Youth Board (Estonia), Associate Professor Jane Hunter, Teacher Education, University of Technology Sydney (Australia), Gavin Dykes, Programme Director, Education World Forum (Global), Udo Wichert, Senior Director Public Sector & Strategic Accounts, Filewave (Germany),
Hugo Fonseca, Founder, DOINN (Portugal), Richard Culatta, CEO, ISTE (USA), Samson Sahmland-Bowling, Director, Open Energy Labs (UK-Zambia), Cecilia de la Paz, Founder of Educate Uruguay (Uruguay).

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Kadi Kolk

Communications Consultant